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Abbey Games
Based in Utrecht, The Netherlands

Release date:
Q2 2016



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$7.49 / €7.49

Renowned Explorers: More To Explore

Renowned Explorers: More To Explore is a paid expansion pack for Renowned Explorers that further increases the replay value of the original game by offering new expeditions, more strategic variety, crew relationships and character backstories. Read more...


In More To Explore, the first expansion pack for Renowned Explorers, Abbey Games offers even more content and gameplay systems to discover to ensure that the player can keep strategizing and exploring no matter how often they replay Renowned Explorers. The main bulk of content exists of two complete new expeditions, The Andean Adventure and the Lost Island. The former is a 3-star expedition into ancient Incan mountain territory. Here you'll find extremely valuable treasure by helping the different cities rise against the oppressive Emperor. Pay for the Llama Express to jump between areas of the map quickly. The second expedition is The Lost Island. In this new end-game expedition the secrets of the Anti-Explorers will finally be revealed... if your crew is capable enough to make it through. Go above and beyond, and you might just find the prehistoric and dangerous secrets hidden in the mysterious pink mist that covers this island. X--------------------------------------------------------------------------X Following great games like Civilization, Crusader Kings and XCOM, Abbey Games decided to not only add content, but also add gameplay systems to the base game. With characters being the main focus point of Renowned Explorers, the obvious opportunity was to introduce the possibility of crew relationships. With the new Campfire mechanic, you will trigger a campfire once every expedition. Gathered around said campfire, your crew draws on their past and ambitions as they tell Campfire Stories of your choice. These stories play like cards from a deck, where each story has the ability to transform both your strategy and your crew. Compose different crews to create new decks and unlock new stories after every adventure. A second important change in this expansion are Treasure Bonus Choices. These ensure that treasures will be sweet surprises, even after you've found them for the first time and have learned their benefits. Treasures already offered powerful bonusses, but in More To Explore they will instead offer you a choice among 3 to 5 bonusses, drawn randomly from pools themed per expedition and treasure. This allows the player to pick a bonus that fits their strategy so that treasure discovery becomes a chance to enforce the plans you have for your crew.


  • The Andean Adventure expedition: a 3-star expedition into ancient Incan mountain territory where you help the local people rise up against the oppressive emperor.
  • The Lost Island: a new end-game expedition in which the secrets of the Anti-Explorers will finally be revealed... if your crew is capable enough to make it through.
  • The Campfire mechanic: introducing crew relationships, back stories and game-changing upgrades.
  • Treasure Bonus Choices, turning treasures into surprises by offering semi-random bonus choices that boost your strategy.


In 2012, four computer science students decided to start a game company called Abbey Games. Soon after they moved to their first office they finished their ambitious god game named Reus. Reus was a big success with 800,000+ units sold on Steam and GoG. This allowed Abbey Games to start on their most recent ambition; Renowned Explorers, a turn-based strategy adventure roguelite, built in a self-developed game engine: AbbeyCore.

With Renowned Explorers outperforming Reus in terms of player feedback (94% positive on Steam) and playtime (9.5 hours on average, SteamSpy), Abbey Games decided to continue support for Renowned Explorers. This started out as a biweekly patch program throughout 2015. When the year was over the community had grown so much that the Abbey decided an expansion pack was justified. Renowned Explorers: More To Explore has been in the works since the start of 2016 and is now almost finished. It aims extend the game's replayability by dozens of hours by increasing strategic options as well as role-playing potential.


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      About Abbey Games

      Abbey Games is an independent games studio founded in 2012 and situated in Utrecht, the Netherlands. They devote theirselves to creating games full of original meaningful gameplay, drawing inspiration from classics of the strategy genre. Their first title, god game Reus, was released in May 2013 and has sold over 1,000,000 copies. Since then it released turn-based strategy adventure Renowned Explorers in 2015. The studio currently works on an unnanounced third project. In the meanwhile Abbey Games releases expansion packs for Renowned Explorers.

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      Renowned Explorers: More To Explore Credits

      Adriaan Jansen

      Marlies Barends
      Lead Artist

      Carmen van Sleeuwen

      Bas Zalmstra
      Engine Programmer

      Maarten Wiedenhof
      Technical Artist

      Rutger Harder
      Gameplay Programmer

      Manuel Kerssemakers
      Gameplay Programmer

      Joni van der Leeuw
      Composer, Producer

      Yme de Jong
      Sound Designer, Composer




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